Crane River Theatre Company 


A Year With Frog And Toad.  
Props bought or built. In only it's third season at the time of my work there, Crane River Theatre Company has a small inventory of props, so most of the interesting and fun props for this show had to be made.


Into The Woods
Though the costumes, set and properties were rented for this production (from Fulton Opera House and Utah Festival Opera, respectively), several pieces were built or altered specifically for our production.

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Frog and Toad Christmas Mugs, Clock

Christmas Mugs were hand painted with trees and snow men to match the season. The Clock is used in both Act One and Act Two, first as the alarm clock Toad breaks when it wakes him for Spring, and then later when Frog gives him the same clock for Christmas. The clock had two faces (the second attaching with velcro) for the different times mentioned in the script.